Image of Winged Eye Fitted (Charcoal) with hand painted bottom brim zoom Sold Out

Winged Eye Fitted (Charcoal) with hand painted bottom brim


Sold Out

ELISA ROSE MOUNTAIN x Alternative Intelligence
Hand painted bottom brim
Hat #335
one of a kind
size 7 1/2

Main materials: Cotton, Faux Leather

This hat is my first production hat of many to come.

varnished for weather

Each hat design is a one of a kind, unique manifestation of divine energy translated into art and form. These sacred symbols represent the code and patterns constantly reoccurring in the universe, the fibers that weave our existence. This ancient technology is now emerging throughout the world to assist all life forms in returning home to eternal life here and now, giving us a vision of spiritual meaning and true freedom. These mandalas, yantras, sacred geometric patterns, symbols and colors when worn, can facilitate your own and others remembrance of our infinite stream of celestial source energy and potential that flows thru us all.

cleaning care: spot clean, do not wash in washing machine. can be varnished once a year with clear acrylic gloss varnish.

Below is a breakdown for measurement:
(These hats run slightly big so make sure you know which size)

7 - 57cm
7 1/8 - 58cm
7 1/4 - 59cm
7 3/8 - 60cm
7 1/2 - 61cm
7 5/8 - 62cm
7 3/4 - 63cm
8 - 64cm

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